Helping brands and creators engage fans and reward loyalty.

Mosaic blends the power of open data, crypto and AI to create customizable rewards.

Loyalty made simple

Use a product

New protocol, platform and application data is regularly added to Mosaic to increase the number of rewards you can earn.

Create value

We believe everyone who uses a brands products in a way that creates value for them should be fairly rewarded in return.

Claim rewards

You’ve done your part, leave it to us to calculate rewards for the products you use. All you have to do is sign up and claim.

Browse open drops, verify eligibility and claim.

We source loyalty data from top brands

Our team brings together the top protocols, platforms and applications, discovers synergies, and curates rewards you’ll want to collect.
"Mosaic elevates onchain rewards to provide brands with a potent tool to forge deeper connections with fans, enhance product experiences, and build stronger communities."

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